The Natalia Crespo Eirin Foundation

News and Events

*The Port Chester Elementary School Alumni Kickball Tournament will NOT take place this year.  Please make all donations for the PCHS scholarship by clicking the "donate" paypal button! Thank you!

Congratulations to the following Port Chester High School Scholarship Recipients!
2014 Taylor Vincent
2013 Julia Vyskocil
2012 Jessica Rodriguez
2011 Nancy Cervantes
2010 Amanda Mickatavage
2009 Joanna Kunicki
2008 Jessica Westerman
2007 Jamie Calero

Annual Fundraising Event:  
The Port Chester Elementary School Alumni Kickball Tournament (August)
2013 Thomas Edison School
2012 King Street School
2011 King Street School
2010 John F. Kennedy School
2009 Park Avenue Elementary

2014 January 28:  "Residency for a Reason" Charles Scopoletti raises awareness for NCEF at Garcia's/The Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY
2013   March 7:  "Truth Concert and Charity Event" at Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY

2012 August 18 - NCEF gets recognized by Town of Rye for its community building efforts and officially grants August 18 as NCEF DAY in Port Chester.
2011 NCEF participates in UnityMarch 2011
2009 Natalia gets recognized during the Port Chester High School homecoming football game.  Her cheerleading sweater was donated and displayed in the sports Hall of Fame at PCHS.
2008 Port Chester's home band competition was dedicated in honor of Natalia.
2007 Memorial tree in honor of Natalia is planted at Lyon Park in Port Chester, NY